Fire ImageFire is a powerful yet dangerous element.  It will overdo any job it is asked to perform.  One may use it to cook their food but if they leave the food over the fire for too long it will burn the food and make it unpalatable.  Fire is unrelenting and will burn until everything in its wake is destroyed or it is extinguished.  It is the embodiment of unbridled emotions and one must learn to harness it’s power or be consumed by it.

The passion burning inside each and every person that motivates them to achieve the goals they set in life is driven by fire.  This goes beyond a simple commitment to something.  The fire burns until the dream is realized and the spirit fulfilled.

However passion that becomes overwhelming can throw the rest of a person’s life out of balance.  This is seen all too often with athlete’s looking to reach a certain level or time goal.  They become so absorbed in training and competition that they overlook the other fundamental aspects of a balanced lifestyle.  They don’t sleep enough, eat poorly, or even ignore their friends and job commitments.  Ultimately this leads to the fire destroying everything and the passion being extinguished due to never realizing the goal and breaking down the body, mind, and lifestyle of a person.

Unlike the other elements fire can not exist without consuming or being fueled by the others.  It is also unable to be controlled without using other elements.  A fire requires earth and wood elements along with air to begin.  It can then be contained within a ring of stones as found in a campfire and ultimately extinguished using either water or soil of the earth.  This shows that one must harness the power of fire and passion while keeping it in balance with the other elements if they want to achieve their potential and then execute in competition.


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